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How to make better decisions

The success of your organisation depends on good decision making, a key requirement of good leadership.

The human brain has evolved to make most decisions automatically. Behavioural and neuroscience shows that our brains struggle with information overload, especially when multitasking, leaving them susceptible to subjectivity, bias and errors.


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How to be a talent magnet

Instead of hoarding great employees, learn to master the flow of talent through your organisation.

Should you try to hold onto your star employees, or show them the door? Some of the best leaders don’t just allow their top performers to leave – they actively encourage it.


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The four stages of business transformation

Don’t rush to transform your business. Slow down, and follow the four Ds – Direction, Diligence, Development and Delivery – for lasting change.

Most business transformation projects falter because they’re rushed, but you can’t build successful transformation in a hurry. The best transformation projects are slow-cooked, not microwaved.


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Collaboration is key to innovation

In an ever more digital and connected world, business leaders must collaborate to innovate.

Cisco’s ‘ecosystem innovation’ process differs from a more traditional form of collaboration between companies. Instead of research and development alliances Cisco’s process is designed to explore opportunities and develop and test solutions with end users in a short space of time.

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Four ways to succeed as an unconventional startup

How do you build a startup with no venture capital? Slowly – but you’ll end up with a sustainable business you can call your own.

The stereotypical startup begins with young entrepreneurs fresh out of Harvard with a bright idea for a disruptive innovation, and ends when they go public after a few years’ rapid growth enabled by selling off big chunks to investors. But there is another way.


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Understand what your customers really want

A customer is delighted to discover a new grocery delivery startup. He sends in suggestions he hopes will improve the service. In return he receives a stream of promotional emails. The customer feels ignored and cuts his order.