Use executive coaching as a catalyst for change

A good executive coach challenges your belief systems, helping you see what you’re doing wrong so you can get it right.

We all have our blind spots – preconceptions about ourselves as people and as leaders. If these are allowed to go unchallenged, our own lack of self-awareness acts as a block to our ongoing development.

Find out what good coaching is and why we all need it.

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Design a better company culture

Employee disengagement is a global problem. In the US alone, companies lose up to $550bn in lost productivity every year.

Writing for Harvard Business Review, Alexander Osterwalder, Yves Pigneur and Kavi Guppta say the solution lies in cultivating a better company culture.

They describe a tool – “the culture map”, which will help you do just that.

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Why leaders need to make time for the lost art of thinking

You might get to the top by getting things done. But a bias for doing rather than thinking leaves you ill equipped for leadership.

Busy as he was, even Microsoft founder Bill Gates managed to set aside regular time for strategic thinking.

Learn to make time for thinking and encourage your managers to do likewise or your business risks stagnation.

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How to achieve corporate longevity

The secret to staying the distance lies in your company’s ability to simultaneously exploit existing markets while exploring new ones.

When digital photography threatened celluloid film, Fujifilm managed this tricky balancing act while Kodak went bust.

Don’t leave your firm vulnerable to market disruption. Discover the the key to your firm’s long-term prosperity.


Is Holy Grail syndrome holding you back?

Fixating on just one talent risks missing out on what really makes entrepreneurs successful.

Don’t let “Holy Grail syndrome” hold you back. Instead, focus on your unique mix of talents, passions and skills that provide the foundations for a business in which only you can excel.

Here’s how to combine your skills and interests into a unique entrepreneurial vision.

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Understand what your customers really want

A customer is delighted to discover a new grocery delivery startup. He sends in suggestions he hopes will improve the service. In return he receives a stream of promotional emails. The customer feels ignored and cuts his order.