The wisdom of Steve Jobs

On Business Insider, Dylan Love shares some innovation insight in the form of the most inspirational quotes from the late Apple co-founder and CEO Steve Jobs.

Here is a selection:


Seven ways to create a happy workforce

Two thirds of the world's employees feel disengaged in the workplace, write Peter Flade, James Harter and Jim Asplund for the HBR.org Blog Network. But there is a recipe for happy, spirited employees and it has seven essential ingredients.


How to encourage strategic thinkers in your organisation

Strategic thinkers are shown to be the most highly effective leaders in multiple studies, observes Robert Kabacoff, writing for the HBR.org Blog Network.

So given the value of strategic thinkers, how can organisations develop more of them?


Five ways to make your innovation initiatives successful

When innovation initiatives succeed, leaders immediately want more. While this is encouraging for innovation teams, it presents them with the dual challenge of scalability and funding.


Eight pre-launch questions that tech-entrepreneurs need to ask

Are you a tech-entrepreneur preparing for a launch? You might be eager to get your product off the ground, but Brandon Watts, writing for Entrepreneur.com, believes it’s important to slow down, take a deep breath and make sure you’re really ready to launch.