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Whether you're embarking on your first startup or you're an experienced entrepreneur, the knowledge in these articles will help you meet the many exciting challenges of growing your business. We scour the World Wide Web to pull together the best writing from the brightest business minds. 

Want to be an entrepreneur? Then stop making these excuses

Many people dream of taking the plunge into entrepreneurship but always find a ready-made excuse as to why they should refrain, observes Jeff Haden, writing for

The author lists some of the most common but spurious reasons that would-be entrepreneurs use to talk themselves out of a life-changing move:

Entrepreneurs need to hone their writing skills – here’s how

Good writing skills can enrich anyone’s life, but are particularly important for entrepreneurs, according to Josh Steimle, writing for

An entrepreneur's guide to strategic thinking

Michael Kidner, Canterbury, Flowers Gallery

Entrepreneurs often devote a lot of time to their initial business idea, as well as the figures involved. But all too often, little time is afforded to strategic thinking.

This problem can become more acute as the business grows and the leader spends most of his time concerned with the day-to-day running of the company.

The five skills that set true innovators apart

Terry Frost, Suspended Forms, Flowers Gallery

In Harvard Business Review, Jeffrey H. Dyer, Hal B. Gregersen, and Clayton M. Christensen discuss the five "discovery skills" that make true innovators stand out from the crowd.

Is this the age of global entrepreneurship?

Trevor Sutton, 99-3-13, Flowers Gallery

A new breed of ‘global entrepreneur’ has developed, as an increasing number of start-ups are operating across borders, according to Daniel J. Isenberg, writing in Harvard Business Review.

How can entrepreneurs motivate themselves?

Jack Smith, Cascade, Flowers Gallery

Dr Steven Berglas discusses the source of motivation for entrepreneurs on

An entrepreneur's guide to assessing market potential

Eduardo Paolozzi, Flowers Gallery

On, Darren Dahl discusses how entrepreneurs can assess the market potential of a new product or service.

How to unleash your inner entrepreneur

On Bloomberg Businessweek, Sharon Nunes urges readers to "unleash their inner entrepreneur", as she shares the lessons she learned while launching a new business unit at IBM.

Entrepreneurism: do you have it?

Just what is an entrepreneur? According to Jeff Stibel, writing for, entrepreneurship can be likened to a disease. Explaining his reasoning, he says: "Having it myself, I am not always sure it is a good thing.  That so many people wish to suffer from it just tells me they don't understand it."

Ten things you should do before starting up your start-up

Is your great idea good enough, and can it become profitable and deliver a return on any investments? Although there's no real way of finding out until you try, business website offers some start-up preparation tips.

Start-up entrepreneurs: the top ten mistakes to avoid

Writing for the Wall Street Journal's website, Rosalind Resnick, founder and CEO and  Axxess Business Consulting Inc, highlights the mistakes that start-up entrepreneurs make. Resnick admits that "when it comes to starting a successful business, there's no surefire playbook that contains the winning game plan".

Why good communication is an essential aspect of entrepreneurship

Writing for, Stever Robbins says it is important for entrepreneurs to develop their communication skills, warning that "silence isn't golden; it's dangerous".

How to find the right kind of employees for your start-up venture

The challenge of attracting talented people to a start-up business is discussed by Issie Lapowsky on The author observes that good employees are valuable and essential for growth. With that in mind, she imparts some advice for entrepreneurs looking to recruit the right kind of people for their business.

How to convince investors your start-up is on the road to success

Martin Zwilling of provides entrepreneurs with a ten-point guide to measuring the progress of their start-up, revealing the signs that are likely to impress financial backers.

What does a great entrepreneur do?

Stever Robbins uses his blog on to define "advanced entrepreneurship", and attempt to answer the question, "What makes an entrepreneur successful?"

Business plans: ten essential ingredients

On, Martin Zwilling outlines a recipe for a great business plan, revealing the ten essential ingredients.

According to the author, investment-grade business plans usually consist of around 20 pages, which should also contain these ten key elements that matter most to business owners and investors…

Five tips for part-time entrepreneurs

Starting a part-time business can be a low-risk entry into entrepreneurship, says Eric Markowitz of He offers some advice on getting your business idea off the ground in your spare time.

Why entrepreneurs should learn to think more like engineers

On Bloomberg Businessweek, Karen E. Klein examines entrepreneur Sasha Gurke's advice on keeping a business thriving – the overall theme of which is: think like an engineer.

A guide to using PR firms for start-ups

On Fast Company, Mark Suster advises entrepreneurs on using PR firms for their start-up companies. He says: "One of the most frequent questions entrepreneurs ask about when they raise a little bit of money or are getting close to launching their first product is whether they should hire a PR firm.

Ideas for attracting talent to your firm

Are you finding it difficult to attract top talent to your company? Do you need ideas for finding extraordinary employees to help with your venture?

If so, Verne Harnish offers some advice on the Fortune website in the form of the following five tips:

Mastering complexity in management

Do you feel that your work as a manager is getting more and more complicated? You are almost certainly right.

The entrepreneurial manager

Everybody would like to make money – and success will usually depend on the degree of enterprise that is intelligently applied to the business idea.

Ten important lessons for modern managers

People are the key to organisational success, and also the cause of corporate failure.

The small business entrepreneur: learning the big company lessons

Entrepreneurs don't on the whole read management books, and most such books don't seem to be written for them - especially those who run smaller businesses. After all, there's a vast gulf between the scale of business that employs at most 100 people and a payroll in the tens of thousands. The large company can turn over £1 million, not in a good year, but an everyday hour.


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