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Leadership: no style fits all

Being dominating and being likeable can both be good qualities in a boss, and often a hybrid is even better.

In a New York Times article Phyllis Korkki explores the advantages and disadvantages of two key styles of leadership – the dominant leadership style where the boss is in control of everything, and the prestige style where the boss’s main motivation is to be liked or admired.

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Warning: full board independence can reduce your profits

Company boards on which the CEO is the only employee are becoming the norm, but how well do they work? Recent research suggests independent boards are actually detrimental to profitability.

In 1999, 36% of boards in America’s S&P 500 companies were of this kind. By 2015 it had risen to 75%. A key driver has been the recent history of governance and accounting scandals.

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How to maintain the momentum of a transformation

Stop bad habits from reasserting themselves – and appoint a chief transformation officer.

Six years ago an engineering business realised its earnings had stalled. It embarked on a major and seemingly successful effort to transform the business: earnings increased by more than the $100m target, and it declared victory 18 months later. Yet, earlier this year, the same business filed for bankruptcy.

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Collaboration is key to innovation

In an ever more digital and connected world, business leaders must collaborate to innovate.

Cisco’s ‘ecosystem innovation’ process differs from a more traditional form of collaboration between companies. Instead of research and development alliances Cisco’s process is designed to explore opportunities and develop and test solutions with end users in a short space of time.

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Five tips for time-starved entrepreneurs

One woman’s story shows that even the busiest people can find enough time to launch a business.

Embarking on your dream project might sound impossible if you are already weighed down by commitments. But advice from an entrepreneur who started her company while she also had a husband battling cancer, and a baby to care for, might just change your mind.

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A guide to agile marketing

Companies competing in this era of disruption must adopt agile marketing practices or risk becoming irrelevant.

On average internet users decide whether or not to leave a web page after just three seconds’ browsing; the proliferation of information brought on by rapid technological innovation means that being able to get things done quickly has become more important than ever.

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