Carol Robertson

Why it pays to show you care

Making your employees feel they matter is a powerful tool in the corporate world.

When a leader demonstrates concern for the wellbeing of his or her teams it generates a climate of safety and trust that positively impacts on their work.

Fostering a caring attitude can actively encourage an engaged and satisfied team as well as better productivity. But what if it doesn’t come naturally?

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Derek Boshier

Are you a Pioneer, Guardian, Driver or Integrator?

Identify different work styles to get the best performance from your teams.

Are you getting the best out of your teams? Many leaders aren’t because they don’t harness their diverse work styles. That means some of the best ideas go unheard and performance suffers.

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John MacLean

Learn to embrace uncertainty

View uncertainty as an opportunity to gain competitive advantage.

When there is market disruption most companies focus on managing the potential negative consequences for their business, with the aim of minimising losses. But when the financial crisis hit in 2008, Hyundai took a different approach; the car manufacturer “leaned into market anxiety”.

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Collaboration is key to innovation

In an ever more digital and connected world, business leaders must collaborate to innovate.

Cisco’s ‘ecosystem innovation’ process differs from a more traditional form of collaboration between companies. Instead of research and development alliances Cisco’s process is designed to explore opportunities and develop and test solutions with end users in a short space of time.

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US dollars

What are your choices if you want to invest?

If you’re new to investing, there are three main options to consider.

Are you in a position to invest in a startup business? Have you come across a new company that complements your own and needs a cash injection? Maybe your company has reasonably large amounts that can be tied up long-term?

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Jiro Osuga

Do marketers need to be industry experts?

The move towards specialised marketing training is provoking a wider debate over the need for qualifications.

What skills and knowledge do you look for when hiring marketing executives? Do you favour candidates with generic, degree-level training? Can you see more benefit in them learning on the job, or would it be valuable to be versed in your industry before they even step through the door?

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