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A better way to run meetings

Terry Frost

Meetings are where a lot of important decision making takes place, so why do they often feel so unproductive, ask Aaron De Smet, Gregor Jost and Leigh Weiss, writing for McKinsey Insights.

Many business leaders spend their days going from one meeting to another with precious little to show for it. Decisions that could and should be made quickly will often drag on needlessly, breeding delay and frustration.

You may not be able to control the meetings hosted by others, but you can certainly prepare better for those you’re leading yourself – it will help you achieve the goals you’ve set and work out what’s disrupting the decision-making process.

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Source Article: Want A Better Decision? Plan A Better Meeting
Author(s): Aaron De Smet, Gregor Jost and Leigh Weiss
Publisher: McKinsey Insights