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About Us

Leadership Review helps leaders and managers across the globe do their jobs better by getting the latest information faster.

We cherry-pick the most useful and interesting writing on current business issues to save busy leaders and managers time and effort. Whether you are a CEO or company president, a senior director, middle manager or entrpreneur, Leadership Review will help you, your team and your business.

The Leadership Review team is based in the UK but our outlook is global. We are proud of our international expertise and have members across five continents.

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“Leadership Review keeps me in touch with current thinking, issues, ideas and changes. It alerts me to changes in culture and trends. It allows me to reflect on, and use some of the ideas and pointers which I can transfer to clients, and help them improve. For people in our profession, where it is essential to keep our CPD current, it is great.”
– Pamela Neal, Holder of the Queen’s Award for Enterprise Promotion, Wales

Leadership Review is a simple way to keep up to date with the latest articles and features from the most respected business management journals, such as Bloomberg Business Week, Forbes, Harvard Business Review and the rest of the world’s best business press.

In each issue of Leadership Review you will find summaries of the best articles from the world’s business media.

Leadership Review provides solutions to hundreds of common management problems. Most managers are far too busy to do our kind of investigative business management analysis. And we are the best, by far, at doing it.

We understand that time is your most precious resource, and ensure that you don’t waste time trawling the web for the latest business ideas and best practice. We also make sure that you don’t miss out.

Our editors are among the leading creative thinkers in management today. They are highly critical of many business management practices.

Our writers give examples of bad practice so you’ll avoid making the same mistakes as others. Then they offer guidelines for a way forward to help you achieve quality management. You’ll build a substantial workbook of best practice procedures for every important aspect regarding the management and development of a successful business.

Leadership Review is published monthly and will be delivered direct to your inbox, making keeping up with the latest leadership thinking effortless and straighforward. It’s like having your own PA whose job is to help you be a great leader.

“It’s crucial for anyone running a business whatever its size. I like to encourage my brain to think outside of the square… It’s a handy, easy-to-read newsletter with great ideas and suggestions about improving leadership and management skills.  It is particularly useful for small business operators who do so much on their own and rarely have people with whom they can discuss day-to-day problems and ideas – and never have the time to do extra courses or read as much as they should.”
– Ita Buttrose, MD, Ita Buttrose Property, Australia