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Advice on discussing pay with employees


Discussing money with employees can be uncomfortable, as Amy Gallo points out, writing for HBR.org. Even if you’re sharing the good news of a bonus or pay rise, it’s difficult to talk about specific numbers when valuing someone’s work, especially if you’re not the one making the decision.

Judging by a recent PayScale survey that revealed 73% of leaders don’t feel confident in their managers’ ability to have tough discussions about compensation with employees, there are many executives who need guidance in this area.

With this in mind, Gallo shares the wisdom of V. G. Narayanan, the Thomas D. Casserly Jr Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School and chair of the Board of Directors Compensation Committee Executive Education Programme.

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Source Article: How To Discuss Pay With Your Employees
Author(s): Amy Gallo
Publisher: HBR.org