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Are cybercriminals hijacking your voice?

Voice-directed services are now part of everyday life but they also present hackers and fraudsters with new opportunities to attack. 

Billions of virtual digital assistants now listen and respond to our voices. They’re increasingly a feature of mobile phones and computers, and they’re in cars and on home devices. We ask these bots to carry out myriad tasks and, as they extend their potential to enhance people’s daily lives, they also present a potent new cyberthreat.

Writing for MIT Sloan Management Review, Paul Mee and Gokhanedge Ozturk say two thirds of firms plan to use voice recognition customer interaction. They explain the risks and tell you how to safeguard your business and your customers.

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Source Article: Prepare to Protect Your Customers’ Voices
Author(s): Paul Mee and Gokhanedge Ozturk
Publisher: MIT Sloan Management Review