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Are introverts better at leadership than extroverts?

Steve Pyke, Flowers Gallery

Writing for Forbes.com, Jennifer B. Kahnweiler theorises that introverted people can be more effective leaders than extroverts, as the former can draw on important strengths that the latter might not have.

Kahnweiler points out that 40% of executives describe themselves as introverts, including such famous names as Bill Gates, Warren Buffett and Charles Schwab.

The author goes on to highlight five key characteristics that help introverted leaders build on those strengths and succeed…

1. Introverted leaders consider even casual comments and pause to reflect before providing a response.

2. Introverted leaders dig deep into issues and ideas. They have meaningful conversations, ask great questions and listen to the answers.

3. Introverted leaders are calm, confident and reassuring during times of crisis. They maintain a low-key approach and prepare well for meetings.

4. Introverted leaders tend to prefer writing to talking and being more comfortable with the written word means they are able to articulate clearly and document their actions effectively.

5. Introverted leaders have timeouts that fuel their thinking, creativity and decision making. When the pressure is on, this strategy helps them to be responsive rather than reactive.

Why Introverts Can Make The Best Leaders
Jennifer B. Kahnweiler