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Are you fulfilling your potential as a boss?


Are you a good boss – or a great one? That's the question posed by Linda Hill and Kent Lineback, writing for Harvard Business Review. They observe that most bosses reach a certain level of proficiency and stop there, leaving their potential unfulfilled.

Hill is a professor who works with "high potentials", MBAs and executives around the world, while Kent is an executive who has worked with managers at every level in both public and private sectors.

They say: "Organisations usually have a few great managers, some capable ones, a horde of mediocre ones, some poor ones, and some awful ones. The great majority of people we work with are well-intentioned, smart, accomplished individuals. Many progress and fulfil their ambitions. But too many derail and fail to live up to their potential."

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Source Article: Are You A Good Boss – Or A Great One?
Author(s): Linda A. Hill and Kent Lineback