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Are you guilty of overcommunication?

Jack Smith, Flowers Gallery

It's possible to overcommunicate as a manager, according to Joel Spolsky of Inc.com.

He gives the examples of inviting eight people to a meeting instead of just the three who really need to be there just so no one feels left out, and sending out a companywide email that is only relevant to one person.

Although Spolsky admits communication is important and that failure to communicate causes many organisational problems, he points out the risks of overdoing it.

So managers must find ways to reduce paths of communication. Spolsky recommends eliminating companywide mailing lists and large meetings and establishing a culture where people are rewarded for doing their job but frowned upon for meddling in other people's business.

Spolsky concludes that managers must "invent specific communications systems so that exactly the right people find out and nobody else".

A Little Less Conversation
Joel Spolsky