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Assembling a more creative workforce


If you want to build an innovative company, you had better make it your business to find employees who think outside the box, says Inc.com, as the online business journal shares tips on hiring for creativity.

Inc.com warns that it can be time-consuming and expensive to distinguish truly creative people among applicants. With that in mind, the article introduces some strategies for bringing innovators to your organisation.

1) Decide which kind of creativity counts. Distinguish between breadth creativity (seeing the big picture, drawing connections between seemingly disparate events or trends) and depth creativity (ingenuity within a specific realm, such as one's job).

2) Attract the brightest lights. Market your company to applicants, setting the tone with the job description. Look for adaptability in the candidates and recruit from non-traditional sources.

3) Put candidates to the test. Ask candidates to describe an experience when they were faced with a new problem and how they handled it. Also set them tasks to create sample work.


The article also gives tips on building a creative culture. Human resources consultant Scott Erker says: "If you put [innovative] people in an environment that squashes creativity, you'll go nowhere. They'll be fired, or they'll put their resumé out and find somewhere else to be creative." So the article suggests you:

• Inspire with work: Keep people busy and try to let them work their way.

• Compensate with care: Creators should share in the long-term profits when their work produces ongoing income.

• Create happiness: Creative people are "least productive on days when they [feel] anger, anxiety, or fear".

How To Hire For Creativity