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August 2017

Six ways to create better collaborations

Collaboration is a buzzword in modern business.

But it doesn’t happen overnight, especially if you are seeking to transform outmoded models of command and control, says Carol Kinsey Goman, writing for Forbes.

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Slow and steady wins the innovation race

People think of innovation as a fast-moving process that brings about large-scale change almost overnight.

But there is an alternative. A low-key approach which takes effect gradually over a much longer term. And it’s called “slow innovation”.

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Five steps to escaping the meeting trap

Executives spend nearly 23 hours per week in meetings. If your company’s meetings are badly run, that’s a lot of wasted time – and money.

It's time to institute systemic change. Here's how to escape the meeting trap.

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Be the bold leader your team needs

As a leader, you may not be able to alter the adverse circumstances you and your team face.

But you can choose how you respond, writes Douglas Conant, for LinkedIn Pulse.

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How to transform your firm into an innovation hub

For innovation to thrive, you must create space for open, free-form interaction and engagement.

Get it right – build and nurture innovation-friendly networks – and the ideas will flow.

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Six ways to adapt to digital fragmentation

The future of global business is digital. But cross-border barriers make doing business ever more complex.

Here’s how to adapt and thrive in a fragmented world.

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Why leaders need to be more engaged

Are you taking more days away from the office, or delaying replies to emails or calls?

These are all signs that you have become disengaged as a leader. And when you disengage, your employees could follow suit, writes Peter Crush for Raconteur.

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Five steps to conflict resolution

The key to resolving a disagreement between members of your team is acting as an effective mediator, write Jeanne Brett and Stephen B Goldberg for Harvard Business Review.

People will always disagree with each other – it’s human nature. But if you have to step in, follow these five steps.

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How to make better decisions

Growing organisational complexity and proliferating digital communications are a recipe for poor decisions.

To improve the speed and quality of your decisions, categorise the type of decision being made and tailor your approach accordingly.

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Establish a culture of shared goals

Success increases when your teams have the incentive to push towards shared goals.

A Tour de France team manager describes how to convince your employees to surrender individual dreams for the common good.

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How to hire your next chief marketing officer

The top marketing job is a minefield where many talented executives fail. But if you design the role well in the first place, you’ll set up your CMO for success.

Follow these four steps to create the right CMO role from the beginning.

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Maximising performance or just creating stress?

A leader should be skilled at getting the best out of coworkers. But all too often his or her leadership style can have the opposite effect.

Karen Firestone, writing for Harvard Business Review, has some advice on how to avoid leader-induced stress.

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