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Business Development

Developing a business means identifying growth opportunities and getting your sales strategy right. Here we bring together some of the best business writing on a range of topics, including hiring talent, managing client relationships and winning new business.

Surviving to evolve in business

Last quarter the numbers were superb, this quarter they’re a dog! And it’s as if no one could see it coming. What can you do? There are three ‘hard’ levers to pull; cut opex (operating expenditure), cut capex (capital expenditure), and get more revenue. Note that you only directly influence the first two.

Profits from the lean business model

When the CEO of the mighty Wal-Mart asks the UK government for protection from competition from Tesco, one fifth its size, it is clear something significant is going on. The rise of Tesco is not explained by its being better at dominating its home trade than Wal-Mart in the markets it serves in the US. Both benefit from enormous scale and purchasing power.

Organisation development - the route to better leadership

When dealing with an organisation – from inside or outside, and whether as customer, employee, investor, or supplier – there always seems to be scope for better leadership. But where should you go looking for it? Do you need to be an explorer, architect, miner, or gardener?

The golden rules of successful offshoring

The offshoring of business processes to low-cost countries, having grown substantially over recent years, has become an increasingly important part of the senior management agenda at most Fortune 1000 companies. The trend has been led by institutions in the UK and US, and is far more developed in some industries.

Why it's time to review your pricing strategy

How would you like to achieve the financial benefits of a major company shake-up…

Business vision: why you need it – and how to get it

For every business and every manager, there's nearly always a distance between 'where we are' and 'where we want to be'. It's the crucial divide in management, and you won't cross that divide without closing the management gap: that between what needs to be done and actually doing it.

The small business entrepreneur: learning the big company lessons

Entrepreneurs don't on the whole read management books, and most such books don't seem to be written for them - especially those who run smaller businesses. After all, there's a vast gulf between the scale of business that employs at most 100 people and a payroll in the tens of thousands. The large company can turn over £1 million, not in a good year, but an everyday hour.

High speed business planning with Team Action Management

Most senior managers, in both the private and public sectors, find it difficult to develop one activity, let alone two or more. The problem lies more in the area of making and controlling timely changes which are required to update the operations, rather than with the day to day routine management of the operations.

Buying a business: the do's and don'ts

This is how NOT to buy a business...

When new ideas produce business success

Ordering some books for my American grandson’s Christmas present, I remembered that my bookseller, Amazon, had played a most significant part in both the reality and the folklore of electronic revolution.

Developing new business ideas

Husband and wife team Andrew and Mary Bragg have written an unusual and highly effective guide to ‘Developing New Business Ideas’. As you would hope, the book is full of unusual and effective approaches. For example, the authors, like most writers on cerebration, tell you about the right brain (intuitive) and left (logical) which determine your thought patterns.


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