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Business Skills

Every successful leader or manager possesses a diverse range of business management skills, such team building and motivation. In these articles the brightest business minds discuss the key skills needed to run a company, business unit or team, including time management, goal setting and communication skills.

Three ways to improve productivity

How to manage the minute transitions that punctuate your day.

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The power of asking better questions

You'll fuel innovation, boost performance and build trust.

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Don't let fake expertise run the show

Avoid following false prophets.

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Is the SMART formula too rigid?

Set your company’s ambitions in the appropriate context.

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A guide to more productive brainstorming

This new approach focuses on questions, not answers.

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Control your attention, free up your time

Create a life of choice around things that are important to you.

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It's time we all wrote plain-language contracts

Join the movement to write legal agreements in language we all comprehend.

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Do your weaknesses really need fixing?

Pick the issues worth investing your time, resources and energies in.

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Free up enough time to achieve your goals

What do you need to stop doing before you can start something new?

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Taking your feelings out of financial decisions

How managing your negative emotions can impact on the success of your business.

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Women, read this to progress your careers

Why aspiring female leaders need to shout more about their worth.

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Buy yourself a break for personal growth

Make the case for taking time to expand your skills and ideas.

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Want a leading role with a startup?

If you have the right attitude and qualities, joining an ambitious new business could be just the job.

Here are some questions to ask yourself before you take the plunge into this richly rewarding world.

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What to do if work is making you miserable

Are you happy in your work? Or caught up in ambition, conformity and overwork?

Avoid these three common ‘happiness traps’ and find fulfilment through purpose, hope and friendship.

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Seven steps to forming a new habit

If you want to form and sustain a new habit you should adopt the “7S Model”, writes Steven MacGregor for European Business Review.

Forming a new habit is hard – making sure that new habit sticks is even harder. Here's MacGregor's a seven-step plan for forming and sustaining your new habit. 

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Three ways to achieve dynamic reflection

The way you think as a leader can leave gaps in the way your business and working relationships develop.

With awareness and know-how you can adapt your thinking mindset to suit the task in hand.

Here are three key strategies to help bring your thinking skills up to scratch.

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Six ways to create better collaborations

Collaboration is a buzzword in modern business.

But it doesn’t happen overnight, especially if you are seeking to transform outmoded models of command and control, says Carol Kinsey Goman, writing for Forbes.

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Five steps to escaping the meeting trap

Executives spend nearly 23 hours per week in meetings. If your company’s meetings are badly run, that’s a lot of wasted time – and money.

It's time to institute systemic change. Here's how to escape the meeting trap.

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Five steps to conflict resolution

The key to resolving a disagreement between members of your team is acting as an effective mediator, write Jeanne Brett and Stephen B Goldberg for Harvard Business Review.

People will always disagree with each other – it’s human nature. But if you have to step in, follow these five steps.

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Real leaders put creativity centre stage

It’s time to ditch outmoded management models in favour of embracing a leadership style that attracts, retains and encourages creative thinkers.

Exposed to the ever-present risk of digital disruption, organisations need new ideas as never before.

But if modern management is about attracting and retaining clever people, leadership methods must change.


How to make the perfect pitch to a venture capitalist

Charming a venture capitalist used to be an art, but now it’s a science.

Why do proposals that look good on paper fail to make it through the pitch stage? That’s what assistant professor at Babson College, Lakshmi Balachandra, decided to find out.

Harvard Business Review reveals the four key points she discovered.


How to spot an effective CMO with staying power

Marketing is one of the most rapidly developing areas of the business world and your company needs a champion with the qualities to embrace that challenge for the long haul, writes David Clarke for Strategy+Business.

It’s not so many years since the extent of most companies’ marketing efforts was an advert in the telephone directory. Today it’s a specialised field.


Health suffers when time equals money

Calculating your employees’ pay on an hourly rate can raise their psychological stress levels and eat away at their enjoyment of life, writes Martin J Smith for Stanford Business.

Workers who believe that every second counts in terms of the monetary value placed on their time are more likely to suffer from potentially damaging mental pressures, according to new academic research.


Sleepy millionaires give hope to late risers


Is rising daily before the crack of dawn an essential to success as an entrepreneur? Apparently not. Sleep-loving Carol Roth has interviewed seven fellow millionaires for Entrepreneur to prove the point.

The successful American TV and radio personality, author and investor cites positive reasons why she and her interviewees get out of bed between 8am and 9.30am.


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