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Can human intuition ever trump AI?

Tim Lewis AI

Well-designed AI provides a level of objectivity of which humans are incapable. But while there are times when AI knows best, human input is the magic ingredient.

Humans make decisions based on heuristics – simple rules of thumb. For most of our existence as a species, we’ve been hunter gatherers for whom the ability to make split-second “fight or flight” decisions was the difference between life and death. But because human decision making bypasses complexity, it’s notoriously fickle, often depending on little more than sentiment, personal biases, and “gut instinct”.

Our reaction to big data has been to humanise it – to incorporate it into our very human decision-making processes. We’ve developed ever-more sophisticated ways to extrapolate and summarise our data feeds, but Eric Colson, former VP of data science and engineering at Netflix, says it’s time we stood aside and let AI make some of the choices for us.

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Source Article: What AI-Driven Decision-Making Looks Like
Author(s): Eric Colson