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Create a winning team to drive innovation

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Build creative dissonance into your team and you’ll turbocharge digital innovation.

If there’s one trait humans possess that artificial intelligence (AI) does not, it’s the ability to think outside the box. LinkedIn influencer Katya Andresen says forget consensus – to harness the opportunities of the machine era, you must build a team with creative dissonance at its heart.

To profit from AI’s ability to accelerate innovation, build your team around creatives who, collectively, combine these six contrasting personalities:

1) Dreamers – People whose preoccupation is with “what ifs”. This trait will “supply your team with an electric and optimistic creative energy”.

2) Disruptors – Lateral thinkers who look for patterns, disruptors are the team members who’ll connect the dots others can’t see, identifying the points at which emerging technology and commercial potential intersect.

3) Debaters – Questioning everything, debaters highlight the flaws in others’ logic, lending an astutely rational eye that’ll keep your projects grounded.

4) Drivers – These are leaders who never lose their focus on the customer whose problem you’re there to solve. Drivers are relentless in their pursuit of the end goal. These are the men or women who’ll keep your project on track.

5) Detailers – Troubleshooters, detailers comb the minutiae looking for problems; your early warning system, they’ll tell you what’s missing, what needs to be improved, and how.

6) Doers – People who get the job done, you’ll be nowhere without doers. Massively resourceful, they take the grand strategy and make it happen, and when things start to fall apart, they come into their own.

Source Article: Six Types Of Thinking To Drive Digital Innovation
Author(s): Katya Andresen
Publisher: LinkedIn Pulse