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Creating an agile company

Cedric Christie

Small teams with the freedom and power to make a difference are the “lifeblood” of an agile business, write Oliver Bossert, Alena Kretzberg and Jurgen Laartz for McKinsey Quarterly.

“If I see more than two pizzas for lunch, the team is too big,” says Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos. Small, agile teams have made Amazon one of the most successful companies in the world.

Traditional command-and-control management is dead. Teams made up of a small number of individuals who possess the skills to complete a specific task, and are given the freedom, guidance and resources to do so, are the engines that power all modern, agile businesses. It’s your job to create an environment in which small teams can flourish.

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Source Article: Unleashing The Power Of Small, Independent Teams
Author(s): Oliver Bossert, Alena Kretzberg and Jurgen Laartz
Publisher: McKinsey Quarterly