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Do your weaknesses really need fixing?

Stephen Chambers weaknesses

We live in a society where there’s always someone waiting in the wings to offer us a speedy, surefire remedy for any so-called deficiency in ourselves, writes Sujan Patel for Entrepreneur.

If we’ve been piling on extra pounds, there are a thousand diet regimes, slimming clubs and healthy recipe books shouting out to make us drop a dress size. If we have an uncontrolled spending habit, an inactive lifestyle or a lack of spiritual direction, there’s a quick fix for those too, usually peddled by proficient sellers tuned into our feelings of inadequacy.

This persistent focus on remedying our weaknesses as if they are emergencies not only gives us unrealistic expectations, but it also creates stress that adversely affects our self-esteem both personally and professionally.

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Source Article: When To Invest In Your Weaknesses
Author(s): Sujan Patel
Publisher: Entrepreneur