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Edward de Bono

Edward de Bono, the pioneer of lateral thinking, is world renowned in the field of creativity. His books have been translated into 26 languages. His educational background in psychology and medicine has informed his logical approach to creative thinking. These articles contain De Bono’s unique insight and knowledge.

How to sniff out the best ideas

Creative people can detect at an early stage the ‘smell’ of a new idea - this motivates them to pursue and develop that idea.

Is your business management philosophy built on flawed judgment?

Interesting evidence about predictions is covered in a book by Philip Tetlock entitled Expert Political Judgment: How good is it? The answer is directly relevant to business management, because fortunes are directly affected by political decisions (and indecisions).

How long can you wait for the benefits of change management or innovation?

If the benefits of a new idea will start to come through in six years’ time, and the full benefits in 20 years, is that idea likely to be implemented?

Turn a business concept into business success

Whose business is it in an organization to look for ‘concepts’?

Because concepts can occur to anyone at any time, it is everyone’s business to look for concepts. Like many things that are ‘everyone’s business’, concepts end up by being no one’s business. Of course, corporate strategy teams do a lot of concept thinking.

How to focus and get more creative in two easy steps

There are some people who always seem to be starting new projects.

These projects are not always very sound and not even particularly creative. The point is that such people seem motivated to be proactive, whereas most people seem to be reactive.

Parallel thinking: the six hats method

The use of the Six Hats method is now growing rapidly around the world. Those who have become familiar with the method look back at argument as crude, primitive and ego-driven.

Lateral thinking: Edward de Bono's PO

One of the most important weapons in the armoury of the lateral thinker is another invention of Edward de Bono’s - PO.

Challenge is of the essence of lateral thought, and the meaningless word PO is a meaningful way of challenging a statement or idea. Edward’s seminal book on lateral thinking contains the following very useful guide to the grammatical use of PO.

Edward de Bono – why thinking must change

The most important tool any manager has available - and which every manager should use constantly and knowingly - is thought.

Edward de Bono has long been arguing that the traditional modes of thinking are not enough.

The passage below shows you just how valuable his own thinking about thinking has become and why you neglect his teaching at your great peril.

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