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Whether you're embarking on your first startup or you're an experienced entrepreneur, the knowledge in these articles will help you meet the many exciting challenges of growing your business. We scour the World Wide Web to pull together the best writing from the brightest business minds. 

How to devise a killer startup strategy

A compass to help you navigate toward success.

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Do you really need a business plan?

Or is trial and error a better way to shape your enterprise?

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How to hire an entrepreneurial leader

And why it's hard to spot one.

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Turn rival freelancers into useful allies

You'll find you have nothing to lose and much to gain.

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Make the gig economy work for you

Finding a balance between predictability and possibility.

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Learn the discipline of saying no

If you’re scaling up, you need to be picky.

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Seven ingredients for a successful side project

Read these tips if you're thinking of starting a side project this year.

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How to engage with startups in emerging markets

Four key strategies that will help your partnership succeed.

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Buy yourself a break for personal growth

Make the case for taking time to expand your skills and ideas.

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Want a leading role with a startup?

If you have the right attitude and qualities, joining an ambitious new business could be just the job.

Here are some questions to ask yourself before you take the plunge into this richly rewarding world.

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What to do if work is making you miserable

Are you happy in your work? Or caught up in ambition, conformity and overwork?

Avoid these three common ‘happiness traps’ and find fulfilment through purpose, hope and friendship.

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Strategy basics bootcamp for entrepreneurs

It's easy for entrepreneurs to overlook the need for a clear and coherent business strategy.

Here are the very basics of how to put that right.

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Six steps to creating an innovation culture

Your company must foster a culture of innovation in order to take advantage of the recent resurgence of corporate R&D departments.

Here's how to create an innovation culture in your firm.

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Why you need an outsider to change your company

As a successful entrepreneur and market disrupter, you might think you have all the right skills to personally handle constructive transformation of your firm. 

But handing over to an outsider could pay off.

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Five steps to being a better boss

You've started your own company. You are a successful entrepreneur – so successful that you have been able to hire people to work for you. You are the boss. Finally.

But being a good boss is not the same as being a good entrepreneur.

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Three ways to shake up the marketplace like Amazon

In the modern world of sales, Amazon is ever poised to make disruptive moves in any industry it sets its sights on.

But it’s how it sells, rather than what it sells, that gives it the edge.

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Real leaders put creativity centre stage

It’s time to ditch outmoded management models in favour of embracing a leadership style that attracts, retains and encourages creative thinkers.

Exposed to the ever-present risk of digital disruption, organisations need new ideas as never before.

But if modern management is about attracting and retaining clever people, leadership methods must change.


How to make the perfect pitch to a venture capitalist

Charming a venture capitalist used to be an art, but now it’s a science.

Why do proposals that look good on paper fail to make it through the pitch stage? That’s what assistant professor at Babson College, Lakshmi Balachandra, decided to find out.

Harvard Business Review reveals the four key points she discovered.


Flip top-down management culture on its head

If you set a clear purpose and cultivate an environment of innovation and collaboration, then you can have a whole company of CEOs, says Micha Kaufman, writing for Entrepreneur.

How you organise and run your business and who you choose to do what are the key elements that determine the destiny of your company.



Start working ‘on’ your business, rather than ‘in’ it

Could you give up being the main driver and discover a more productive role in the company you created?

There comes a time when this fundamental shift will be the best way to keep your business growing, says Jim Krampen, Seven Corners Inc co-founder and executive officer, writing for Entrepreneur.

How to fail smart

Joel Filipe

To become truly innovative, companies must learn to accept, discuss and learn from their failures, write Paul Boston and Bin Zhao for Ivey Business Journal.

For many businesses failure is a dirty word. Operating in a society where perfection is espoused and so-called “overnight success” stories are celebrated, senior managers are reluctant to admit to their company’s failures, let alone...

Turning cultural differences to your advantage

Glen Baxter

How can a product or service be wildly successful in one part of the world but of relatively little interest in another?

While globalisation may seem to have made the world smaller and more uniform, cultural differences are still significant. Addressing those differences can be a key to succeeding against larger and comparatively monolithic companies in any given region or country....

What are your choices if you want to invest?

US dollars

If you’re new to investing, there are three main options to consider.

Are you in a position to invest in a startup business? Have you come across a new company that complements your own and needs a cash injection? Maybe your company has reasonably large amounts that can be tied up long-term?

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Why the cloud is good for startups

Melinda Gibson

The cloud is and will continue to be key to the success of startups. Airbnb and Uber would not exist without cloud computing.

“The cost of having to build all of this functionality in-house would have killed their business models before they were even born.”

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