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Fairer performance management

Lorenzo Vitturi

Tools for measuring how well your employees are meeting goals come in many guises, with new, experimental methods being introduced regularly to combat perceived shortcomings. Whatever approach you take, it needs to be underpinned by a convincing sense of fairness, say Bryan Hancock, Elizabeth Hioe, and Bill Schaninger, writing for McKinsey Insights.

Many human resource departments are rejecting longstanding systems which rank individuals against their colleagues. They are beginning to delve deeper into what actively encourages a staff member’s motivation and productivity. However, surveys conducted by the three authors revealed disappointing results from efforts so far in terms of employees’ sense of a fair appraisal.

“Employees still complain that the feedback they get feels biased or disconnected from their work,” say Hancock, Hioe and Schaninger.

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Source Article: The Fairness Factor In Performance Management
Author(s): Bryan Hancock, Elizabeth Hioe, and Bill Schaninger
Publisher: McKinsey Insights