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Find emotional connections and bond your board


There’s more to building a successful management team than strategies and directives – people’s feelings come into play too.

Your board members may be good at their particular roles, but when you put any group of people together, emotions will always have an impact. How you choose to deal with them will affect outcomes, says Dr Lola Gershfeld, writing for Chief Executive.

Ignoring emotions is not an option, unless you want productivity and performance to suffer. Recent neuro-scientific research confirms how important personal emotional bonding is; it’s a powerful, motivational instinct that is hardwired into our brains. Strong connections make stronger teams.

So how can you ensure your boardroom is emotionally connected? Dr Gershfeld has these suggestions:

1. Respect differences of opinion, endorse each one as valid and encourage everyone around the table to do the same. This will make all directors feel valued and improve their connection to the group.

2. Rephrase problems or disagreements in the context of a universal concern for the business as a whole so that everyone feels they are on the same side.

3. Recognise when a cycle of negativity could develop through the blame or isolation of one or two directors. Take control and nip it in the bud.

Dysfunctional boards are disconnected boards. Tapping into the emotions of your directors releases their capacity, offering a clear route to closer bonds and enhanced productivity.

Source Article: How Managing Emotions Can Improve Board Effectiveness
Author(s): Dr Lola Gershfeld
Publisher: Chief Executive