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Five management skills you can’t do without


When you’ve been in the workforce for a certain amount of time, you realise the importance of skills and abilities that simply can’t be learned in business school, observes Katherine Reynolds Lewis, writing for Fortune. With that in mind, the author highlights five key – but neglected – skills for management success…

1) Communication. Reynolds Lewis points out that the greatest ideas are worthless if they cannot be communicated effectively in the workplace.

2) Networking. Continuous networking is the key to success, insists Reynolds Lewis. George Bradt, author of the book First-Time Leader, tells her: “The people that are more successful aren’t thinking about networking, they’re thinking about connecting: how do I connect this need with this resource? They fundamentally believe by helping everybody they’re helping themselves.”

Reynolds Lewis suggests identifying people you admire inside and outside the organisation and then focus on how you can help them rather than what they can do for you.

3) Perspective. It’s important for a leader to take into consideration other people’s goals and beliefs. Just having the title of leader will not be enough to get cooperation from other people.

Ask others for their opinions and listen carefully to their answers. Bradt points out that you need to “co-create a shared purpose and drive toward the cause”.

4) Time management. Effective prioritisation and rigorously managing your own energy are essential for time management.

There are occasions when you have to say no to a project because you don’t have the time or resources without letting your existing workload suffer.

5) Delegate. Of course, there are tasks that don’t have to be completed by you. Bear in mind that others might have a different way of working but can still get the desired result.

Nevertheless, give clear direction where necessary and make available all the appropriate resources.

Source Article: Five Key – But Neglected – Skills For Success
Author(s): Katherine Reynolds Lewis
Publisher: Fortune