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Five principles for hiring talent the Netflix way

Julie Cockburn2

Silicon Valley HR veteran Patty McCord shaped the workforce that transformed Netflix into the world’s leading content-streaming service. Follow her strategy to hire the best people for growing your business.

Patty McCord was chief talent officer at Netflix for 14 years, and now consults on culture and leadership. Writing for Harvard Business Review, she reveals five key principles that helped her hire top talent. She says that there’s no secret formula – someone who excels at one company may be mediocre at another. But making great hires is about recognising great matches – and often they’re not what you’d expect.

Hiring isn’t about ‘culture fit’ – a misguided strategy that contributes to a lack of diversity. Take Anthony Park. On paper he wasn’t an obvious fit. He was working at a bank but, in his spare, time he’d created a Netflix-enhancing app. He interviewed, and everyone loved him. McCord wondered if he’d be overwhelmed and burn out – but now he’s a vice president, and proof that organisations can adapt to many people’s styles.

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Source Article: How To Hire
Author(s): Patty McCord