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Five ways to invest in your future self

Glenys Barton

Putting effort into planning the future business career you want is time well spent, writes Ally MacDonald for MIT Sloan Management Review.

Periodically reviewing your career path is something all leaders can benefit from, whether you are newly climbing the ladder or a well-seasoned director. MacDonald has trawled research articles to find the words of wisdom that underpin these five strategies to help you invest in yourself.

1) Get the best inspiration. Regardless of where you are in your career, you want good advisers, mentors and role models to supply the support and information that guides you. The complexities of the modern business world mean you’re likely to need more than a single individual to help you through changing times. Try to put together a team of diverse individuals you can call on as you develop and grow.

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Source Article: Five Strategies For Investing In Your Career
Author(s): Ally MacDonald