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Four tips for moving from idea to execution

Tom Lovelace insight

Insight can inspire new ideas, but without guidance from business leaders those ideas are unlikely to be successfully executed, writes Elizabeth Doty for Strategy+Business.

Insight can be found in all sorts of places, from talks by industry experts to brainstorming sessions with your team, but even if you inspire your employees and provide a clear vision for implementing a new idea, there is no guarantee they will succeed in doing so to your satisfaction.

Don’t blame your employees. Blame the human brain. In The Neuroscience of Leadership, also published in Strategy+Business, management coach David Rock and research psychiatrist Jeffrey Schwartz explain that it takes time and repetition for an insight to make new connections and become embedded in the human brain.

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Source Article: Four Secrets For Turning Insight Into Execution
Author(s): Elizabeth Doty
Publisher: Strategy+Business