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Four ways to conquer resistance to change

Cedric Christie change

Workplace change is never easy. It’s a tiring, confusing and frustrating business at best and a frightening and confidence-sapping journey at worst. But, instead of fighting against change, you can work at turning the experience into a positive and fruitful one, write Kandi Wiens and Darin Rowell for Harvard Business Review.

The two executive business coaches have studied the processes and effects of organisational change on both leaders and employees and conclude that plain resistance in any form is by far the most damaging response.

“It’s not good for you, your career, or your organisation. Improving your adaptability, a critical emotional intelligence competency is key to breaking this cycle,” they write.

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Source Article: How To Embrace Change Using Emotional Intelligence
Author(s): Kandi Wiens and Darin Rowell