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Four ways to recognise executive hubris


There’s a fine line between confidence and hubris in a CEO. Spot the early warning signs to avoid disaster.

Most incoming chief executives have pride and self-confidence above normal levels, with good reason. The problem comes when the CEO crosses a line from responsible risk taking to recklessness, says Tim Laseter, in Strategy+Business.

Investors and boards responsible for selecting a CEO should, ideally, identify “executive hubris” in prospective candidates before there’s trouble. This is no easy task. But these four character traits will help you spot the signs early on. The first two – narcissism and dismissiveness – are warning signs of hubris. The other two – humility and inquisitiveness – are promising signs of justifiable confidence.

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Source Article: The Line Between Confidence And Hubris
Author(s): Tim Laseter
Publisher: Strategy+Business