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Get better at handling transitions

Richard Smith

Living longer, healthier lives means that we humans have more choices and changes to make as we journey through the decades. And a lifelong career is no longer the norm. Getting better at handling inevitable phases of transition is something we can all benefit from, writes Avivah Wittenberg-Cox for Harvard Business Review.

Taking a personal viewpoint, as well as drawing on her expertise as CEO of 20-first – a leading, global gender-consulting firm – she believes that everyone, regardless of their stage of life, should look at periodic change in a positive way.

That can be easier said than done when faced with the scary prospect of such life markers as starting your own business, redundancy or retirement. Wittenberg-Cox says these, and other catalytic events, can all be negotiated more effectively; we can enjoy more options in our careers and personal lives than we ever thought possible if we employ these key strategies to examine and know ourselves.

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Source Article: Learn To Get Better At Transitions
Author(s): Avivah Wittenberg-Cox