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Get ready for the next stage of the crisis

We don’t know exactly how COVID-19 will play out, but we still need to plan for the future. Here’s how to develop a strategy for extreme uncertainty.

All we know for sure about the fallout from COVID-19 is that we will experience the deepest global recession since World War Two coupled with a seismic shift in the way we live and work.

Writing for McKinsey Insights, Martin Hirt, Sven Smit, Chris Bradley, Robert Uhlaner, Mihir Mysore, Yuval Atsmon and Nicholas Northcote explain that, even as you deal with the current crisis, it’s essential to develop an agile strategy to help your firm survive an intensely uncertain future.

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Source Article: Getting Ahead Of The Next Stage Of The Coronavirus Crisis
Author(s): Martin Hirt, Sven Smit, Chris Bradley, Robert Uhlaner, and Mihir Mysore, Yuval Atsmon, and Nicholas Northcote
Publisher: McKinsey Insights