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Harness the potential of surprise

Nancy Fouts

Encountering the unexpected is part of all negotiations but, with the right strategy, you can capitalise on the positive aspects of surprise, while side-stepping negative reactions.

How do you respond when your opponent pitches a curve ball during negotiations? Writing for Harvard Business Review, Roi Ben-Yehuda and Tania Luna explain that, when you’re surprised, the intensity of your emotions quadruples – sometimes eliciting a hasty or even angry response that can derail discussions. 

With the right strategy, they argue, not only can you contain your reactions, but you can also actually turn surprises to your advantage, leveraging the power of positivity to transform the debate, resulting in a better outcome for all.

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Source Article: When Surprise Is A Good Negotiation Tactic
Author(s): Roi Ben-Yehuda and Tania Luna