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Harnessing personal growth arising from crisis

Here’s how to find the potential for personal and corporate growth in the wake of trauma’s upheaval.

Good things do sometimes emerge from tough times. Writing for Harvard Business Review, Richard G. Tedeschi explains that even during the current crisis, it’s possible to look beyond the tragic to find a better way of living and working. As a leader, your attitude and personal response to COVID-19 can boost the chances of experiencing post-traumatic growth for both your employees and your business.


‘Posttraumatic growth’ is a theory co-devised by Tedeschi, professor of psychology emeritus at the University of North Carolina, and is the title of his 2018 book. From cases studied over 25 years, growth resulting from trauma includes “a recognition of personal strength, the exploration of new possibilities, improved relationships, a greater appreciation for life, and spiritual growth”.

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Source Article: Growth After Trauma
Author(s): Richard G. Tedeschi
Publisher: Harvard Business Review