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How can you be a more effective manager in times of disruption?


On Forbes.com, Chunka Mui highlights some lessons on managing in times of disruption.

The author observes: "One important insight is that, as bosses' responsibilities and compensation grow, they become ever more dependent on people and factors beyond their control.

"Being an effective manager, at every level, depends on having an effective way to think about the resultant chaos and interdependence with others."


Mui says that managers focused on dealing with disruption would be wise to pay special attention to several ideas:

Building strategic networks. The author explains: "Strategic networks consist of those who help prepare for the future. What should we be doing? Where are we going, and how will we get there? Strategic networks need to be built in advance, before problems are imminent. Make them diverse."

Getting to the future. Managers should strive to "master the dynamics of change". They have to instil a sense of shared purpose in their teams regarding what the future might look like and how they might reach it.

Culture trumps everything else. "Get the culture wrong and nothing else is likely to work well," warns Mui. The key components of culture are: clarity about team roles; clarity about how the team works; clarity about how team members work together; and, clarity about progress.

The importance of introspection and learning. Mui says: "Learning depends on a clear sense of one’s strengths, and where one needs to improve. It depends on seeking (and accepting) feedback. And it depends on enduring the discomfort of learning."

Source Article: Lessons On Being The Boss In Disruptive Times
Author(s): Chunka Mui
Publisher: Forbes.com