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How CEOs can protect their reputations


There are many difficult decisions CEOs need to make involving mergers, acquisitions, layoffs, salary freezes and more, observes ChiefExecutive.net.

But even when they are for the good of the company in the long term, these decisions can generate widespread fallout and damage the reputation of the CEO.

To help CEOs in situations like this, communications consultants David Johnson and Don Middleberg offer the following tips:

1) Review social media to determine where the problem is coming from – whether it’s an employee, the media, a vendor or a customer.

2) Assess whether your organisation has been affected by the negativity and, if so, to what level.

3) Gauge whether the complaints or negative comments are justified.

4) If the situation is damaging to your reputation, respond promptly and publicly and quickly – but if it isn’t, don’t respond publicly or you’ll make things worse.

5) If just one employee is responsible for unwarranted discontent, meet with them and resolve the situation.

6) Make time to communicate with employees as well as outside parties. Conduct regular meetings and invite questions.