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How do you motivate workers in a difficult economic climate?

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One of the most important and toughest challenges managers have to face up to is motivating workers during the recession – and this is the subject of Emily Thornton's interview with John Katzenbach, CEO of Katzenbach Partners, at Businessweek.com.

Katzenbach, the author of the book The Discipline of Teams and The Wisdom of Teams: Creating the High-Performance Organization, believes that the key to motivating people is working out how to connect them emotionally to their work rather than enticing them with money or promotion.

He also points out that the more successful companies in turnaround situations pay a great deal of attention to making sure people feel good about what they have to do in their daily work, which he says is more of an emotional challenge.

The author believes these "master motivators" recognise that each worker has a different definition of success – it could be tied more to their family or something else in their personal lives rather than climbing the career ladder.

How To Inspire Workers In Tough Times
Emily Thornton