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How entrepreneurs can win in a crisis

There’s no doubt that the fallout from COVID-19 is having a major impact on markets globally and a substantial period of recession seems inevitable. It’s a prospect that terrifies leaders of businesses large and small, but it doesn’t have to spell disaster, writes Hamza Mudassir for Entrepreneur.

While some organisations will inevitably fail, and unemployment and bankruptcy rates will rise, research by the Kauffman Foundation shows that economic contractions are not necessarily a long-term factor in the progress of a business.

Mudassir, a business strategist, organisational change consultant and co-founder of Platypodes, cites US giants like Apple, Microsoft, Morgan Stanley, Walt Disney and Krispy Kreme as companies that blossomed out of recession.

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Source Article: How Entrepreneurs Can Win During A Recession
Author(s): Hamza Mudassir