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How to adapt your culture to the digital world

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If you want continued success in our digitally driven age, your company’s culture needs some close scrutiny. But it’s up to you to take a strong lead rather than hold out for an organic organisational shift, write Julie Goran, Laura LaBerge and Ramesh Srinivasan, for McKinsey Quarterly.

While studying the results of a recent McKinsey survey of global executives, they identified three common and enduring obstacles that need addressing if you want your business to thrive in the fast-moving contemporary marketplace:

  • An aversion to risk and a fear of failure – for both yourself and your teams;
  • An established silo mentality among your departmental teams; and
  • An increasing lack of insight into what your customers really want.

These can all seriously affect your company’s future at a time when technology is making innovative investment opportunities, blurring departmental boundaries, and speedy response to customer demands is the norm.

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Source Article: Culture For A Digital Age
Author(s): Julie Goran, Laura LaBerge and Ramesh Srinivasan
Publisher: McKinsey Quarterly