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How to assess, communicate and increase your value

Bernard Cohen

How well does your employer understand your role and the value you bring to your organisation? And do you fully understand it yourself? Jesse Sostrin, writing for Strategy+Business, suggests some exercises to reveal the hidden demands of your job and help you use that knowledge to best effect.

Sostrin points out that beneath your job description lies a “hidden curriculum of work”, or a “job-within-the-job”. Its unwritten challenges include continuous change management and workplace politics, for example.

By recognising and reacting effectively to those demands, and making others aware of them, you will increase appreciation of your contribution and enhance your prospects of advancement and success. By the same token, as a leader you should seek similar insights into the work of those you manage.

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Source Article: Succeeding At Your Job-within-the-job
Author(s): Jesse Sostrin
Publisher: Strategy+Business