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How to build a thriving nudge unit

Scarlett Hooft Graafland

Want to set up a behavioural science team, or ‘nudge unit’? Ask yourself these six questions first.

Writing for McKinsey Quarterly, Anna Güntner, Konstantin Lucks and Julia Sperling-Magro say if you’re thinking about setting up a behavioural science team – or ‘nudge unit’ – you need to ask yourself some tough questions to make a success of it. These include what it should do, where it should sit, how you’ll know it’s succeeding – and whether you’re ready for the ethical tensions it may raise.


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Source Article: Lessons From The Front Line Of Corporate Nudging
Author(s): Anna G√ľntner, Konstantin Lucks and Julia Sperling-Magro
Publisher: McKinsey Quarterly