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How to build a winning workplace culture


There are many guides to the three, five or seven steps to an ideal culture. But only one golden rule: don’t mess it up.

Have you ever mentioned an idea in passing only to find people forming teams and writing reports on it, against your intentions? Writing for World Economic Forum, Eric McNulty says that, as a leader, you must watch everything you say and do – because everyone else will, and they’ll put a lot of weight on it. That means it’s easy to mess up a workplace culture – even with the best of intentions.

It’s easy to overestimate your control of culture yet underestimate your influence in it. Culture is the sum of of every person, process and protocol in your organisation. You can’t dictate culture through a memo, speech or decree – nor can you ‘set it and forget it’ because it’s constantly evolving. Be informed and intentional: decide on the culture you want, encourage it to develop, and be accountable for it.

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Source Article: How You Can Build A Great Workplace Culture
Author(s): Eric McNulty