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How to handle a Chinese-style investment deal

George Blacklock

Chinese direct investors are now a major force in the Western market. Following a long period of vigorously seeking finance from overseas to build up its manufacturing industries, China is now investing a greater amount in Western businesses.

But before you consider doing deals with Chinese executives, it will help to have an insight into their focus and alternative negotiating style, according to Lia Ma, Jeanne Brett, Hao Wang and Zhi-Xue Zhang, writing for MIT Sloan Management Review.

The authors – business academics from the USA and China – have studied and analysed 15 years of Chinese high-profile outbound investments, confirming the country’s shift away from big, fundamental projects at home towards moderate growth overseas.

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Source Article: Negotiating With Chinese Investors
Author(s): Li Ma, Jeanne Brett, Hao Wang, and Zhi-Xue Zhang