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How to lead from the front

Julie Cockburn

Shift your mindset from your business to your staff to create competitive advantage.

You need strong leadership teams to develop your business. Yet leadership is more difficult than ever because of a shift in focus from the business to individual employees. Writing for Entrepreneur, Glen Llopis says business model evolution is influenced by two factors:

  • Speed. Business moves fast. This demands a new mindset that welcomes change in order to evolve and seize opportunities.
  • Individualism. It’s no longer the business that defines the individual (employee), but the individual who defines the business.

Today’s leadership competencies are lacking in these areas, causing widening performance and business opportunity gaps. Ignore them and you become vulnerable in the marketplace. Adopt new ways of thinking, respect the ideas of individuals, and you can embrace new opportunities.

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Source Article: Employees Lose When Leaders Stop Leading
Author(s): Glenn Llopis
Publisher: Entrepreneur