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How to let your B players shine

Stephen Chambers

It easy to recognise the A players in your organisation – the ones whose abilities and personalities stand out from the crowd. But you can lose out on a wealth of talent if you bypass the employees you consider B players, writes Liz Kislik for Harvard Business Review.

A professional coach for businesses of all shapes and sizes, from the Fortune 500 down to family firms, she warns that it’s unrealistic to expect to employ only high performers and extroverts. Not only that but, just because someone doesn’t naturally shine or shout their worth from the rooftops, it doesn’t mean they don’t have excellent skills to share.

If you devote some time to get to know your whole team as individuals, you will have a much better picture of what those currently identified as mid-level performers can offer and achieve. Letting them become unfulfilled and frustrated could lose valuable input into your business.

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Source Article: How To Retain And Engage Your B Players
Author(s): Liz Kislik