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How to make employee performance evaluations more effective

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On Forbes.com, Jon Picoult discusses the right way to review and evaluate employees' performance.

According to Picoult, one of the most common mistakes that managers make is relying too heavily on employees' self-evaluations.

Too often, says the author, managers content themselves with taking the employee's self-assessment, adding some superficial comments and assigning a final performance rating.

Picoult offers some tips for business leaders to avoid such missed opportunities to effectively evaluate and improve employee performance:

  • Make a genuine effort to write evaluations from scratch.
  • Keep a diary to provide a set of observations for when it's time to write the review.
  • Carefully manage spans of control so managers aren't given an unrealistic number of assessments to make.
  • Inspect the reviews for quality and don't be content with just giving a copy to the human resources department.

How To Do Performance Reviews Right
Jon Picoult