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How to make your people love the office


On Inc.com, the importance of happiness in the workplace is acknowledged, as the business website suggests ten ways to make employees love their office, summarised below.

1) Keep it organised. Working in a disorganised or cluttered office can sap motivation and productivity. The five areas to focus on are: paper, office supplies, space and furniture layout and time management.

2) Make it comfortable. The article insists that creating a comfortable and productive working environment requires "more than a sturdy desk and comfortable chair – it incorporates quality lighting, good ventilation, and a quality heating-and-cooling system".


3) Give everyone a say. It's important for everyone to feel their opinion is valid. The workplace should be an even playing field.

4) Make it an open space. But "open spaces only work when employees have access to areas where they can focus on a specific task".

5) Make the workplace a community. The goal is to foster an environment where employees enjoy a "clear and open communication structure" and are also willing to help each other whenever necessary.

6) Focus on utility. The article says: "When the basics of a functional office work flawlessly, and when complaints regarding technology and equipment malfunctions are answered and remedied quickly, that goes a long way to making employees satisfied with their surroundings."

7) Make it optional. A flexible working week can suit both the employees and the company, as savings can be made in office expenses.

8) Make education a priority. According to Inc.com, "top workplaces' education efforts often cover not just business and technology but also non-work subjects".

9) Use the space. If costs are preventing you from acquiring the space you need, think about profiting from the premises by holding workshops, training and support classes for customers,etc.

10) Add in some perks. "Certain perks, in addition to useful and efficient amenities, can make employees feel like a million bucks," says the article.

10 Tips For Making Employees Love Their Office