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How to maximise your virtual network


When it comes to networking: bigger is better. Thanks to today’s virtual networking opportunities, you can easily build and maintain relationships with contacts around the world.

Face-to-face meetings are the perfect way to conduct business; the ideal way to read, get to know and understand your contacts. However, Dorie Clark’s Harvard Business Review article reveals how raising your international profile can also result in professional success.

1) Be proactive. Don’t assume your tweets or online articles will be picked up by your relevant audience. Pick 5–10 people you want to target (such as colleagues, clients, or industry heavyweights essential to your professional success) and follow them on social media. Check where your contacts are active and draw up a list of channels to follow. Engage with these individuals by retweeting their posts, answering questions and sharing responses to their updates. Over time your name will become familiar. By maintaining a professional manner – and not appearing obsessive or overly keen – your targeted contacts are more likely to meet you if the opportunity arises.

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