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How to move on when you get things wrong

John Kirby

When you make a supreme effort to create and sustain a successful business, it’s disheartening if projects don’t turn out as you planned. Rather than feeling let down and disconcerted that your teams haven’t embraced and achieved your goals, it’s worth finding out exactly what lies behind the situation, says Jesse Sostrin, writing for Strategy+Business.

If you commit to questioning what’s happened and rooting out the answers, then you are halfway towards preventing a repeat performance, according to writer and speaker Sostrin, a director at PwC’s US Leadership Coaching Center of Excellence and author of the book Re-Making Communication at Work.

Sostrin has developed three principal strategies for becoming a more perceptive and persuasive leader in order to avoid future disappointments:

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Source Article: Three Ways To Demystify Disappointments At Work
Author(s): Jesse Sostrin
Publisher: Strategy+Business