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How to stop COVID-19 spreading in your workplace

How to guard against virus transmission as your teams return to the office 

Protecting employees and customers from COVID-19 is vital as businesses across the globe reopen their doors and people reassemble in physical environments. Changing the layout of offices, shops, restaurants, gyms, construction sites, as well as wearing face masks, social distancing, hand washing and disinfecting surfaces frequently all contribute towards a safer culture.

Writing for Harvard Business Review, Scott E Page, says reducing the number of connections between individuals and the items they touch is one obvious strategy for reducing COVID-19 transmission, but the key to eliminating the spread of infection in the workplace is to restrict or eliminate the pathways that provide links between groups of people. Here’s how to do it.

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Source Article: Reopening the Office? Here’s How to Stymie Transmission of COVID-19
Author(s): Scott E Page
Publisher: Harvard Business Review