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How to take employee feedback

Stephen Chambers feedback

Most bosses have weaknesses as well as strengths, but would your employees feel comfortable about speaking up if your behaviour was adversely affecting efficiency? This is the question Joseph Grenny and Brittney Maxfield ask in their article for Harvard Business Review

It’s hard to take an objective look at yourself and your leadership qualities and pin down how you could be hampering rather than boosting the success of your organisation. Your employees, however – particularly those working closely with you – are well placed to identify the failings or unhelpful traits they witness on a regular basis. 

They might discuss these surreptitiously, yet it’s extremely unlikely that they would raise their points directly with you, no matter how helpful their observations could be for the success of the business. 

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Source Article: How Leaders Can Ask For The Feedback No One Wants To Give Them
Author(s): Joseph Grenny and Brittney Maxfield